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About Us

Thank you so much for visiting our store! I truly hope you enjoy our products and wear them with pride. Hands Together Apparel started when I, a Georgia Bulldog alum, married a Virginia Tech Hokie and he showed me the VT hand sign people do at games. I was teaching English online to children in China and had to use a lot of animated gesturing with my students so I also began to teach myself a little American Sign Language as well - I was using my hands so much during those times to communicate different things.

When football season rolled around again I found myself frustrated that Georgia did not have a hand sign like so many other schools did, so I quietly created the Georgia G sign, only showing my husband my idea at the time. This was in 2019 and decided I would start an apparel company in 2020 (haha!). After the events of that year - globally a pandemic, and personally adding a third child to our family, I decided to stop thinking about it and pursue it in 2021. I began with the Georgia hands and Virginia Tech hands first and have plans for nearly 20 other schools to drop in the coming weeks.

I built this company working during the night after the kids were asleep, during coloring time at our kitchen table, and I also worked from my phone while holding a sleeping baby during naptime. I say this to encourage you that whatever your dream is, if you want it badly enough you can work hard to make it happen. Thank you for being a part of making my dream come true and helping grow Hands Together Apparel!


- Kristin Johnston, owner and creator